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About Chris MacLellan, ‘The Bow-Tie-Guy.”

Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri and residing in Deerfield Beach Florida with my partner Richard Schiffer; I am is the youngest of six children which includes JoAnn:Merrille: Mary: Jim: and Gerri. I am proud to be the ‘F.U.’ (aka: Favorite Uncle) to 24 nieces and nephews and a gob of great nieces and nephews!
My father, J. Stuart MacLellan was born and raised Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada and my mother, Annabel Richarme was born and raised  New OrlĂ©ans, LA.; they met in the late 30′s in St. Louis and were married for over 50 years before passing on to eternal life in the mid 1980′s.
Currently studying Leadership and Communication at Gonzaga University, I have a diverse background in Social Work, Ministry, Senior Care, Arts Management and Professional Sports. I earned a B.A. Degree in Child Family and Community Service from Sangamon State University in Springfield, Illinois and have studied Theology at Sacred Heart School of Theology in Hales Corners, Wisconsin.  I have always enjoyed the dialogue that comes with Higher Education.

'The Bow-Tie-Guy's blog will focus on how to get out of a rut by simply following your dreams and desires.  We will talk about weight gain, how to avoid it, and why you need to shed it.  We ill talk about leadership, diversity and how to go from zeor to infinity by simply following your dreams and stepping outside your comfort zone.  We will talk about branding yourself after age 50 and why that is important in our global economy.  

The 'Bow-Tie-Guy' will 'tie' this blog up with humor, candor, pragmatism along with quite a bit of good conversation from you!  Life is meant to be lived; follow your dreams, follow your passions and challenge yourself to greatness.   Thought provoking , yet pragmatic will will demonstrate how to follow your passions and challenge yourself to greatness through our 'Bow-Tie-Guy' tips of the day.  Have a tip to share, be sure to send them along! 

My passion centers around advocacy in all the things that I do. When we are entrusted to the care of others, there is no better  honor. Leaders do not seek responsibility, leaders are drawn to  responsibility when they realize how their talents, skills and abilities can make a difference.   
I am a proponent of a holistic approach to good health and spirituality.  Theologically trained,  I view religion and spirituality as separate. Church communities are healthy when they promote diversity, dignity and acceptance.    Down to earth and pragmatic, I am  able to see different viewpoints, work within a consensus while building bridges instead of roadblocks.
Five Things you might not know about me…
In December of 2006 I had the opportunity to appear on the television program Spotlight on Seniors in Fort Lauderdale; hosted by Edith Lederberg  we discussed the Noble A. McArtor Adult Day Care Center and caring for my friend, Father Orlando.  Along with my good friend, Helen Ferrari, it was truly a wonderful experience to share with the viewers.
I am proud of my three regional Professional Bowlers Associations titles and my 13, 300 games.
Proud to serve as President of the Gateway Men’s Chorus in St. Louis for two years where I had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people while being apart of a community that fosters change and awareness to LGBT issues and diversity.
I have been an avid hockey fan of the St. Louis Blues since 1967!
I wear bow-ties because several years ago when I weighed close to 300 lbs, my long ties always seem to get in the way.  So I switched to bow-ties which allowed to me realize that my long tie was not the problem!  Having lost 0ver 100 lbs, I continue to wear the bow-tie as a reminder of that time in my life when I was obese and unhappy.  I also think bow-ties are more fashionable, too!
I currently live in Deerfield Beach, Florida with my partner Richard Schiffer.  Richard was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in August of 2011.  ’The Purple Jacket” is dedicated to Richard, to Father Orlando and to all caregivers and their survivors.  ”We just can’t do it alone!”

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  1. Hi Chris. Thank you for following my blog. In reading your about page I kept saying yes, yes yes! Like minded spirits... holistic approach to health, I lived in New Orleans for two years, live in Washington State and applied to Gonzaga but didn't go, unfortunately.
    I love you statement, "When we are entrusted to the care of others, there is no better honor. Leaders do not seek responsibility, leaders are drawn to responsibility when they realize how their talents, skills and abilities can make a difference." It is so true.